Furnishing Small Spaces

January 2011  |

Tired of your small space feeling cramped?  Well, here are a few easy and affordable furnishing tips to open up your space:

Tip #1: Optical Illusion

Make your room seem larger without knocking down any walls by utilizing mirrors and transparent furniture.  Mirrors help reflect light into your space and can create the illusion of a room twice its actual size.  Another way to trick your mind into thinking your place is more spacious is to buy furniture with glass tabletops.  Transparent elements appear to “disappear” in your room, making it look like you have open space.

Tip #2: Multi-Purpose Units

Investing in multi-purpose furniture such as a chest that serves as storage and a bench will help minimize large items inyour room. Also, get rid of the clutter.  Stylish storage units are excellent for organizing and efficiency.

Tip #3: Vertical Accessorizing

When you’re working with a small space, remember to build up.  Vertical accessories such as tall plants, floor lamps and vertical mirrors will help enlarge your room. Don’t go too high, though!  Avoid excessive accessorizing and dark-colored objects around your ceiling.

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