Matting & Framing Like a Pro

January 2011  |

Step #1: Gather Materials

Choose your frame and mat.  A mat should be no larger than one size higher than the artwork, making a maximum 1.5” space around the artwork.  The typical rule for frames is no more  than 2” on each side of the mat.  The mat and frame are meant to enhance the piece not distract.

Step #2: Tape

Lay the artwork upside down on a clean table. Place one piece of acid-free tape along the top of the piece, allowing about half to hang over the edge. Turn the artwork right side up (your tape should be sticky side up as well).

Step #3: Mat

Center and place the mat around the artwork. Press the top where the tape is. Carefully turn over and tape the corners of the piece to the mat.

Step #4: Frame

Turn your frame over and clean the glass with a dust-free cloth. Place the matted piece, then the backing in the frame. Secure the clips.

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