Making Your Own Couch Pillows

February 2011  | 

Sometimes when you buy a couch set, you just can’t find those perfect pillows that express exactly what you wanted.  Or you may have been staring at the same pillows for years and feel that your living room needs a redesign.  The best way to accomplish both is by making your own pillows.  This gives you flexibility for style, material, size and plushness.  Here’s a few simple steps to make your own couch pillows.  And to the left are some examples of pillow and couch combinations that we’ve created.  Have fun.

1. Picking a Fabric

First, examine your room.  What color is your sofa and furniture?  What are they made out of?  What color is your floor?  What color are your accessories?  All of these surrounding items play a role in the way your eyes perceive your room.  You want your pillows to compliment all of these items.  Since the pillows will actually be sitting on the couch, make sure they have enough contrast in color and material to stand out, but are not too overwhelming.  Also, what do you want your pillows to feel like: silky, fuzzy, smooth, ridged, etc?  It might help to take a photo of your room with you when you go shopping for fabric.

2. Picking a Size

Once you’ve picked out the fabric, you need to pick the size of your pillows.  Pick a size that allows people to sit comfortably on the couch, but large enough to add style to your couch.

3. Cutting

Measure out the size you want on the backside of the fabric, adding a 3/4 inch all around. Cut and repeat. You should have two pieces, front and back.  You can use sewing chalk to mark your lines.

4. Pinning and Sewing

Pin three sides of the pillow so they stay together as you sew.  Using a sewing machine, sew along the three pinned sides.  Turn the cover right side out and stuff your pillow.  This is when plushness/firmness comes into play.  You’re in control of how soft or firm you want your pillows to be.  Then pinch the fourth side together and sew by hand using small, even stitches. Now place them on your couch and enjoy the new look of your living room!

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