A Dab of Modernism

March 2011  |   
Be refreshed and soothed by the clean modern look of this dining room furniture set.  The Dabny dining room collection features a simplistic structure, lux lines and warm white oak veneers.  The warmth of this room is created by the light solid colors spread throughout the wood, walls, accessories and decor.  Not to mention the large open windows that let in warm natural lighting.

Simplicity and cleanliness isn’t the only thing that makes this dining room modern.  The geometric lines and shapes, from the lamp, to the server, to the windows complete this modern feel.  The matching server features storage drawers and storage cabinets, perfect for stowing away seasonal dishes.

You don’t want your room to be too bland with all light, neutral colors, so add a little contrast with one to two darker colors.  This will create depth as well as a more balanced spacial environment.  In this case, a portion of the side wall was painted with a darker color.  Also, a potted plant with dark green leaves adds a new texture to the room, as well as a rich color.  Potted plants can liven up the place, as well as keep the area fresher.  Check out some of the hardier house plants on page three that can also reduce indoor pollutants.