Paint a Room like a Pro

March 2011  | 

Spring is right around the corner.  A great way to freshen up your place is by giving it a new paint job.  Learn how to paint your own home like a pro by following the steps below.  To the left are a few of our pieces we’ve paired with complimentary wall colors.

1. Clear and Clean

The first step to painting your room is clearing all or most of your furniture out.  You can move smaller pieces to the center of the room.  You also want to remove drapes/curtains, switch plates, and artwork.  Vacuum the room completely and dust the baseboards and window sills (you don’t want to mix dust and paint).  Don’t forget to cover the furniture in the center with a tarp or some sort of covering.

2. Fill in the Holes

If you have any nail holes and dings that you want to get rid of, fill those with putty before painting.  Make sure it dries completely.

3. Baseboards First

Paint the baseboards first.  Then once they are dry, you can put blue painter’s tape on to protect them when you’re painting the walls.

4. Drop Cloth Ready

Prep your painting area by covering the floor with a drop cloth and pouring some of your paint in a paint roller trough.  You should use the rollers for the larger surface areas and a paint brush to clean up the edges and paint around small areas, like light switches, corners and edges.

5. High to Low

Start at the top of your room and work your way down.  If you’re painting your ceiling, do that first.  Try to apply the same amount of pressure on your roller with every roll, to ensure even coverage.

6. Clean Up

Wash out your brushes and roller while the paint is still wet and remove the blue painter’s tape after the paint dries. Carefully roll up your drop clothes and watch where you step!

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