Internet Marketing on the Rise

April 2011  | 

Did you know there are over 1 billion internet users around the world and that number is increasing every day.  It’s almost essential these days for any business to have an “online presence” using websites, social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), blogs and other internet marketing tools.  According to an article titled “Effective Internet Marketing Strategy” by Free Marketing Zone, there are 4 phases of internet marketing.

Phase 1: Online Research

Research what tools and strategies your main competitors are using.  Understand your customer and what tools they are seeking.

Phase 2: Data Analysis

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and apply this knowledge to your strategy.  What works and doesn’t for your company and customers?

Phase 3: Strategy Development

When you’ve grasped who your target market and competitors are, begin creating your own strategy to effectively and efficiently market who you are and what you can offer.  What can you afford, which tools will be most beneficial?  Some ideas are: PPC, SEO, emails, blogging, podcasting, social media sites, webinars, link building, etc.

Phase 4: Monitoring Performance

Internet marketing is an ongoing process that must be continually monitored and tweaked.  Over time you will see patterns and which tools are more effective.  Record and revise your strategy to best fit where you want your company to head towards.

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