Not So Mellow Yellow

April 2011  | 

Turn your bedroom into an in-home oasis.  The Audrey collection adds a cool, transitional feel to your sleep space with clean horizontal louvers and hidden storage in the footboard.  Set in a warm mahogany that makes you feel right at home.  We’ve paired the warm browns in the furniture with varying shades of yellow.  According the an article about color psychology (read below), yellow can create an energetic, bright and playful feeling.  By surrounding yourself with this optimistic color, you can wake up feeling awake and ready for a new day!  An easy way to add yellow to your room is through accessories such as bedding, accent pillows, wall art, table lamps or vases.  Yellow can be a very bold and bright color, so you don’t want to overdo it.

If you have a TV in your room, not to worry.  This bedroom collection also comes with a matching media chest, perfect for storing movies, music and other media items.

Since the furniture pieces are sleek and simple, spice things up with a fun patterned bed spread or accent pillows.  Try something with a geometric pattern to complement the lined pattern on the furniture.