Spring Up Your House

April 2011  | 

April is here!  That means it’s time to get your house ready for the spring season.  Here are few ideas to spring up the rooms in your house.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers can add some color to any drab room. Find a pretty vase and put the flowers in it. Sit the vase in the middle of your table. If you have real flowers that is even better.

Add Pillows

Add pillows to your couch and chairs. Look through your stash of colorful pillows and find some that are brightly colored for the Spring season. Pinks, whites and yellows remind people of the better weather ahead. So do floral patterns. If you do not have any throw pillows look for pillow cases in these colors and put them on your bed pillows.

Colorful Tablecloth

Find a tablecloth that is a brighter color such as white or pink. Take the dark colored one off the table and put it away. You can even use a bed sheet if you do not have a table cloth. Just make sure it has no stains or torn places.

Clean Your Windows

This will let the sun shine in and make everything look better and brighter. You can use store bought window cleaner or make your own using vinegar and water. The vinegar cuts the dirt off and the scent evaporates pretty quick.

Tropical Candles

Gather up your stray candles and look for the tropical and flower scented ones to put around your home.


Get rid of the clutter.  This will really open up your room to make it inviting, fresh and bright.  Invest in multi-purpose furniture that can provide seating as well as storage.  Cabinets, curios, racks and storage benches are perfect for organization!

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