All About Buffets

May 2011  | 

No, we’re not discussing the long lines at All-You-Can-Eat Buffets.  We’re focusing on the piece of dining room furniture that is used for serving food, dish storage and decoration.  Here’s a few helpful facts about buffets and servers:

1. Buffets and servers, also known as sideboards, is a piece of furniture with a flat table top where food can be served.

2. Buffets often compliment the dining room table and chairs in look and material.

3. Servers and buffets can also be used as decoration.  Display your photos, collectibles and display china for your guests to view.

4. Buffets are also not limited to one room.  Typically they are used in the dining room, but they can also be helpful in the kitchen as an island or dish storage.  It could also be used in an entrance way or living room as display and storage.

5. Lastly, buffets and servers are also easy to care for.  Make sure to dust it regularly with a clean lint-free cloth.  To help prevent stains on the table top, use a table cloth or table runner before placing your serving dishes.

Buffets and servers are versatile furniture pieces with many uses and come in many styles.  So there’s one to fit your needs and personality.

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