Adding your own casters

August 2011 |

A great way to add mobility to furniture is by adding casters.  Caster wheels can be added a variety of furniture pieces with just a few tools and very little time.  Casters also come in a variety of sizes for different weight furniture pieces.

1. Select the Size
Select the appropriate size wheel that will support the weight of the piece when the furniture is “fully loaded” (ex weight of the bookcase full of books).

2. Locking vs. Free Rolling
Depending on what you’re adding casters too, you may want to choose wheels that lock versus free rolling casters.

3. Empty and Flip
Empty the piece and flip upside down, so the legs/base are upward.

4. Measure
Draw the location of where you want to place each caster.  Make sure to pick spots that will keep your piece level and well supported.

5. Drilling
Drill holes at the marks.  Make sure your furniture piece has enough material to drill a hole long enough for your caster screw.

6. Flip and Fill
Once you’ve mounted all the casters, carefully flip the piece right side up.  Test the balance of casters.  Then fill with its contents.

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