Connect-It Feature


October 2011 |

As we try to keep up with all the technological nuances of the 21st century, so can your furniture.  Our Connect-It items offer new features for a digital lifestyle.  Tired of having tons of chargers, cables and wires coming from your desk?  One of the major features of Connect-It furniture is the Power Drawer.  This is a built-in easy adapter plug to charge and store all your digital devices.  Keep your work space organized and efficient!

Also, Connect-It furniture also comes with Wire Management, which keeps a safe and organized electric structure.  Don’t worry about tripping over loose cords and wires!

Coaster has many office desk options with our Connect-It feature, but you can also bring this functionality into your living room.  A few of our TV consoles have the built-in Power Drawer as well.  Charge your phone and camera, while keeping them handy, in your office or your living room.