Pantone Fashion Color Report – Fall 2011

October 2011 |

The Fall 2011 Fashion Report has been released.  This fall colors will be sensible and spirited.  According to Pantone, “Taking cues from the great masters, sepia tones of old Hollywood, Chinese opera, cityscapes and countryside, designers are paying close attention to texture, contrast and color for fall 2011.”  The colors chosen for this season have subtle and natural qualities, while still bringing life and spirit into any piece.

On the warmer side, bamboo, emberglow and honeysuckle are being used to reminisce the glow of spring, while ushering in the warmth of autumn.  Emberglow also compliments to the retro furniture trend of 2011 and Honeysuckle adds a bold, playful feel, shown in our new honeysuckle-colored office chair.  This bright color pairs nicely with the earth tone shades of nougat and coffee liqueur.

The Fall 2011 color palette is not only warm, but spirited.  Phlox and Deep Teal were added to this mix to make a statement.  These bold colors are strong and unique.  Adding these colors to your room can add excitement to your room, but not by being too overwhelming.  As days are getting shorter and nights longer, these two deep colors of the night will also help you get ready for the fall.

This season also offers sensible neutrals.  Cedar, Quarry, Nougat and Coffee Liqueur evoke stability, versatility and timelessness.  These colors are practical, subtle and bring a homey warmth to a room.  Many of our accent chairs and chaises, like the two shown here, display these natural shades of fall.  These accent pieces are a great addition to any room.

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