2011 Fall High Point: Trend Report

December 2011 |

“Twice a year, the furniture industry descends on High Point, North Carolina to debut their collections, meet the press…and party their pants off. This year we received an in-depth peek of furniture brands across a wide spectrum of tastes and styles that have always interested us.”

This fall’s High Point Market was a huge success.  According to Apartment Therapy, there were five noticeable trends this season.  They kept a keen eye out for color, texture, finish and sizing trends in the furniture world.

Trend #1: Blues, Emeralds and Greys Whether these colors were used in a floor rug, or in the upholstery of an accent chair.  These three colors made a big impact throughout the entire market.  Our blue office chair (pictured to the left) definitely followed suit.

Trend #2: Rustic and Industrial Decor An antique look was demonstrated at fall market through furniture made with iron bases, galvantized steel, and rustic finishes; such as the wall mirror shown to the left.  Colors and textures helped a lot to create this rustic feel.

Trend #3: Stackable Shelving and Storage A great way to maximize the space in your room is with stackable storage, such as bookcases and cabinet hutches.  This practical and efficient trend made its way into October’s High Point.

Trend #4: Painted Finished Apartment Therapy noted that “across the board, many designers are finding ways to modernize traditional furniture.”  One way of doing so, is with painted finishes.  Take a look at our accent cabinet with hand-painted floral embellishments.

Trend #5: Scaling Down Furniture designers are truly meeting the needs of today’s consumer.  This fall, some furniture followed the scaled-down trend, making pieces more livable and convenient; such as this small entry table pictured to the left.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the next upcoming High Point Market on April 21-26, 2012.  See you there!


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