How to care for a glass coffee table

December 2011 |

Glass table tops are a nice touch to any room, but there are a few ways to keep your glass looking its best and lasting the longest.

1. Avoid piling heavy items on your glass table top, which may cause the top to crack or even break.

2. Be gentle to the glass.  Gently and carefully place objects down on the table top.  Also use coasters to avoid heat and water rings.

3. Keep it clean.  Use window cleaner (or a mixture of water and vinegar) to remove dust, fingerprints and streaks.

4. Keep it scratch-free.  Avoid displaying items that could damage the glass, such as objects with sharp edges or rough bases.  Rings and other jewelry can also scratch the glass surface while you’re cleaning.

5. Avoid high-traffic areas.  If possible, keep your glass table away from high-traffic areas for safety reasons.


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