March into Spring… Go Green

March 1, 2012 |

March is here and spring is just around the corner.  Liven up your house with a splash of green.  According to color psychology, the color green represents nature, tranquility, good luck, health and growth.  Many shades of green can be added to your home to give it a sense of serenity, nature and energy.  Here’s a few of our favorite greens for around the home:


You can’t go wrong with Sea Grass.  This color has a base of beige with a hint of green, making it subtle around your home as well as easy to complement with.  Adding Sea Grass will keep a neutral feel to your room, while also adding the soft serenity of green.  Sea Grass can be used on accent chair upholstery, dining table place mats, living room curtains and accent pillows on the sofa.  If you want a slightly more saturated green than Sea Grass, Lovely Green is the shade for you.  This milky green tone can create a welcoming and warm environment, as well as adding light and energy.  Complement Lovely Green with crisp white accents for a stylish spring look.  If you’re looking for a more intense, dark shade of green, try Minster Green.  Use this rich, deep color sparingly – possibly as an accent color or trim.  The boldest green of the bunch is Spring Meadow.  This color will surely liven up any room and make a statement.  This bold color pairs well with dark wood trims and can be used in accent pillows, floor rugs, wall art and in centerpieces.

Whether you’re painting your walls green, or just adding a few green accessories around your home, decorating with this spring color is believed to give a calming effect as well as relieve stress.  Find your own style to go green this spring!