Protecting your furniture from sun damage

April 2012 |

Spring is here, which means the days are longer and the temperatures are rising.  Did you know that the sun can damage your furniture?  The sun’s rays can dry out your wooden furniture pieces and cause fading and damage to its surfaces.
The first thing you should do to prevent sun damage, is to be conscious of where you place your furniture.  Consider the sunniest parts of your home.  These are the spots that will cause the most damage to your furniture.  Also remember, the sun is the most intense in the afternoon. Try to avoid placing your furniture in areas that receive direct sunlight.  Sometimes this can not be avoided, so there are a few other ways to protect your furniture.

If you have windows letting in the light, during the sunniest parts of the day, close the blinds or draw your curtains.  Window coverings can deflect and absorb the harmful UV rays from hitting your furniture and fading it.
Another option to protect your furniture from sun damage is by investing in furniture coverings.  If you do not want to alter the positioning of your furniture pieces, protect them by covering them.  Another plus about furniture covers is that they’re easy to put on/remove and they’re washable!  Also change up your room during the holidays or seasons by changing the color of your furniture cover.

By just following these few tips, you’ll improve the longevity and color of your furniture.


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