Caring for Your Curtains

October 2012 |

Curtains are a simple way to add style and privacy to any room.  Caring for your curtains can be easy too.  Here’s a few tips to preserve your favorite window treatments:

  1. Curtains may protect your home from the sun, but sunlight can also cause your curtains to fade over time.  If your windows receive a lot of direct sunlight, try using light-colored curtains which won’t fade as quickly and keep your home cooler.  Also, lined curtains are a great way to protect the outer fabric from damage.
  2. Keep the air in your home cleaner by vacuuming your curtains once a month.  Dust and dirt can accumulate in the folds of your curtains.  Carefully use a hand-held vacuum with a brush attachment.
  3. You may need to occasionally wash your curtains, especially kitchen curtains because they absorb cooking odors and splattered grease.  Read the instructions carefully and before washing any type of curtains, test a small patch with water to see how the fabric reacts.
  4. After you wash your curtains, you’ll need to press them.  Turn them inside out when ironing to prevent damaging the fabric and keep your iron on a low setting.