Cozy Cappuccino

October 2012 |

Fall is officially here.   That means it’s time to decorate the house with autumn oranges, warm reds and many shades of earth tones.  Cappuccino is a great base color to work with.  It can bring a cozy and inviting warmth to any room.  For this living room, our dark brown Rosalie sofa collection is softened with fun accent pillows accented with a deep yellow and lighter browns.  Pair this rick brown color with a light and textured floor rug.  Light colored walls can also open up your space.

Create consistency in your room with more cappuccino accent pieces such as end tables, a coffee table and a bookcase.  Once you’ve placed your large living room furniture items (in cappuccino), accentuate the room with warm, lighter colors such as beige, oak, yellows and tans.  This will also bring a nice contrast and balance to the room.