Keeping your Floor Rugs Flat

October 2012 |

Area rugs can be a great and easy way to change the look of your room.  Rolled-up rugs can develop creases and folds, and sometimes making the corners lift.  Here are few methods to keeping a floor rug flat.

  1. Unroll your rug or carpet on a flat surface.  Allow the rug to sit for at least 24-28 hours to flatten out under its own weight.
  2. If the rug does not flatten on its own, here are a few methods to help the flattening process:
    • Roll or fold the rug in the opposite direction, which also known as “reverse rolling”.
    • Place heavy objects such as furniture or books on top of the rug (especially the corners) allowing the weight to flatten out the creases.
    • Use double-stick carpet tape on the corners of the floor rug to help keep them securely to the floor.  Double-sided adhesion works the best in low-moisture environments.
    • Place your carpet in direct sunlight for several hours.  Temperatures of 70 to 85 degrees should release much of the rug’s tension.
    • Have the rug professionally steamed.
  3. Once the floor rug has been flattened, lay it in the area you desire.



  • A synthetic rubber coating can be applied to the back of the rug to help the rug from sliding and shifting.
  • Keeping the rough soles of shoes off your carpet and rugs can help prevent wear and damage.
  • Vacuum your carpet consistently and have it professionally cleaned every 6-12 months.