How would you describe your home décor style?

Do you know which style can best describe your home decor? Most of us do have a style preference whether we notice it or not, some are more distinctive and easier to tell than others. The styles can generally be categorized into 6 types: traditional, country, contemporary, casual, transitional, and eclectic. Watch out for the following characteristics to figure out your home décor style!



Characteristics—18th or 19th century England, French, or Eastern revival furniture and accessories, still-life oil paintings, gilt frames, chandelier, silverware, grand vase, drapery with panels and tasseled cords, and floral prints.



Characteristics—primitive furniture, muted colors, rustics feel, straight lines, painted finishes, handmade accessories, quilt, basket, checked or striped pattern fabric.



Characteristics—furniture with soften and rounded lines, basic line, shape and form, earth tone colors with bold accent color, frosted or clear glass, stainless steel, and modern art works



Characteristics—soft and comfortable furniture (usually oversized and slipcovered or upholstered), low-luster surfaces, old luggage for a side table, relaxing atmosphere, neutral light color, textured fabrics, old antiques or flea market finds.



Characteristics—transitional style is the combination between traditional style and contemporary style, usually classic, timeless, sophisticated, and clean. Minimal in accessories, lack of color, interesting textures, with wood or silver accents.


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Characteristics—mixture of different styles. Mix and match old and new, East and West, luxury and humble, bold and quiet, traditional and contemporary, high end and flea market, etc.