How to Set Up Your Home Theater Room


Deciding where to make your ideal home theater room?

Basement is one of the best areas because it separates you from distractions like outside noise and excessive lighting. This also gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite movies without disturbing your family members or your neighbors during those late night movie sessions.

Once you have picked your ideal location, proper seating arrangement is key for an enjoyable movie watching experience. One of the first things to consider when deciding seating arrangements is what size screen you are going for. Large screens require more distance between you and the screen. A simple way to measure how far your seating should be is to take the horizontal length of your screen and multiply it by 2 for minimum viewing distance and by 5 for the maximum distance. Another thing to keep in mind is how to arrange the seating once you have the distance measured out. Below we show you different ways that our Pavillion Home Theater Collection (Item# 600130) can be setup based on the size and shape of your room:

Home Theater SetupLastly when choosing the perfect setup, consider the maximum number of people you will fit into the theater at the same time, and also if there is any special customization needed. Ex: Small children will require small sized recliners.

Happy Designing!