How Do You Take Care of Your Wood Furniture?

Taking Care

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When it comes to protecting the wood on your furniture, simple everyday steps go a long way before you start thinking about getting it professionally cleaned. Moisture and heat are the usual culprits for ruining the veneer on your wood so protect it by using coasters and trivets.

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Sunlight also affects the longevity of your wood furniture as direct exposure will make it fade away faster. If your room naturally receives a lot of sunlight, turn your furniture every few months to make sure the wood color stays consistent.


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Lastly, identify if your furniture has oil finish or hard finish and buy a solvent based on that. Solvents help keep your wood clean from stubborn stains/grime, wax build up, and oil stains. Using polish/wax will help provide added protection against scratches and scrapes. Make sure to apply it every year so your wood remains looking as new as the first time you bought it!